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Do you need help finding love? Sign up for a free dating strategy session with renowned dating expert Anna Karimo and her partner, Most Brave Girl. Who is Anna Karimo? She’s a professional relationship coach and the CEO of Nouveau Dating and Karimo Coaching. The online dating profile examples Anna creates for her clients are time proven to bring dating success.

As the Executive Editorial Director of Nouveau Dating, Most Brave Girl offers a fresh perspective on dating advice, image makeovers and online profile counseling. If you’re looking for an experienced and knowledgeable relationship coach, apply for a strategy session now.


Dating Tips & Advice

Relationship Expert and Life Coach

Anna Karimo is a relationship coach and expert in the following areas: parenting, family, dating, romantic relationships, emotional health, balance, image change, and stress. She is an expert on breaking bad habits and developing new healthy habits for creating a balance in your life.

Coach Karimo helps build leadership skills, happiness, lasting success, and satisfaction in her client’s lives. She helps people to overcome the old patterns that are holding them back and gives them the tools to do what they’ve always wanted to do.

Hollywood Executive Dating Coach

The main reason Hollywood executives and stars choose Anna as their coach is because of her high expertise in dating and the importance of confidentiality agreements. This is of high value for Coach Karimo in her exclusive coaching. Her main goal is to help her clients to improve their image and dating skills. She teaches them how to build loving, long-lasting relationships without changing too much of her client’s personalities – just their bad habits.

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